Visit The Most Colorful Places on Earth!


In an era of Photoshop and filters, images can seem more beautiful than the real thing. However, there are many places in the world that are so vibrant no filter is necessary and Photoshop is not needed.




Named the largest hot spring in the U.S., Grand Prismatic Spring is even more colorful than it is vast. The range of colors occurs due to different heat-loving bacteria and the deep blue shade in the center happens due to the way the light hits the water and scatters. No matter the science behind it, this natural beauty is something you have to see to believe


Have you ever wondered where “somewhere over the rainbow” is? Well, the answer would be the Rainbow Mountains in Peru! With shades of red, yellow, green and purple due to melted ice and mixtures of different substances, this mountain range looks like a perfect Photoshop creation. To capture the best coloring, go right after sunrise or just before sunset!


This French town, close to the German border, looks as though it was taken right out of a fairy tale. The German-influenced architecture and the French shutters are the perfect combination as they line up next to canals in shades of pink, blue and yellow. Visit for yourself to experience your own vibrant, vacation fairy tale!


Contrasting the emerald waters, Burano is known as one of the most colorful cities in the world. Legend has it that fishermen painted their homes vivid colors to make them more visible from the sea. Nowadays, this city takes these colors very seriously as residents are required to get approval from the government if they choose to change the color!
Visit Burano to see how bright a house can truly be.


Intense hues of yellow, blue, green and pink welcome you to the old style city of Havana. With buildings designed in the 16th and 17th centuries, Havana is anything but ordinary. From the classic style cars to the art and buildings, the color palette is something you must see for yourself. Take a trip back in time to observe the undeniably brilliant look of Cuba.


Known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof is one of the most vibrant destinations during the spring. Experience the sea of colors created by seven million blossoming tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Even though there is a different theme every year, the colors are always awe-striking. Set off to find this magical sea of flowers that will saturate your senses with vibrancy.

Although underwater, the Great Barrier Reef is just as stunning as any destination on land. Witness the extraordinary beauty of the radiant reef in contrast to the various hues of the surrounding marine life. This reef consists of over 3,000 different reef systems and 400 types of coral. It is a whole new world that you need to dive in and see for yourself to believe!

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